Smiddiehill Gold Bullion

HBNo: 0100629937

Sire: Braedale Goldwyn

Dam: Field of Dreams Formation Erle Ex95 (3)

Daughters keep getting better with age

High Demand Internationally

Milk +159 kgs

Fat +16.4 kgs +0.12%

Protein +6.00 kgs +0.01%

PLI £272

Type Merit +1.69

£15 per straw

Dam Field of Dreams Formation Erle EX95 3E 9 star LP80 SP

Has produced over 80 tons of milk at 4.52% BF and 3.31% Protein

Grand Dam Smiddiehill Jed Erle EX 95 4E 15 star LP50 RM SP

Has produced over 50 Tons of milk at 4.96% BF and 3.60% Protein

Great Grand Dam Smiddiehill Inspiration Erle EX 92 3E

Has produced over 45 Tons of milk at 4.80% BF and 3.54% Protein

Full Pedigree and Current Proof Details

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