RH Norwin

HBNo: 60000534650505

Sire: Highland-H Stormin Norman

Dam: RH Meggile

05786-Grashoek Rozemarijn murphy

Balanced Performance and Reliability 

aAa 462 513

Easy Calving with plenty of Power.

Massive increase in production through later lactations

1st 309 daughters average 7,805 kgs with 4.14% Butterfat and 3.38% Protein

2nd 181 daughters average 9,202 kgs with 4.14% Butterfat and 3.34% Protein

3rd 69 daughters average 9,993 kgs with 4.09% Butterfat and 3.35% Protein

Oman x Lightning x Benefit

Full Pedigree and Current Proof Details

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