Products and Services

AI Spares

Item Price (plus VAT)
Farm Tank £400.00
Gloves £8.00
Sheaths £5.00
Sanitary Sheaths £6.00
Gel (large) £10.00
Gel (small) £6.00
AI Guns £30.00
Thermometer £5.00
‘Polos’ foc
Other sizes of tanks are available.
Please ask for details.

Storage and shipping

Price (plus VAT)
Import of straws (per bull) £50.00
Shipping costs (Import or Export) at cost
Export certification (per bull) £55.00
Storage Charges (per month)
Storage Charge 1-100 doses £9.00
Storage Charge 101-1000 doses £11.00
Storage Charge 1501-3000 £15.00
Storage Charge 3001+ (per 1000 or part) £4.50
Dispatch Charge (per bull per order) £12.50

For quantities over 15,000 straws or commercial storage and distribution solutions please contact us directly for a quote.

We also offer a full weekly delivery service throughout Northern Ireland, to other centres, inseminators or to individual farms.

Fertility tests

Price (plus VAT)
Bull Fertility examination and report (first bull) £75.00
Other bulls on the same visit (per bull) £50.00
Farm visits are subject to a charge (per mile) 35p


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